Type 275
Type 275

Glass Lined Sightglasses  Type 275

- Glass lined vessels 
- Sightglass fittings to DIN28121 
- Through flow sightglasses to DIN 3236, 3237
Glass lined Metaglas sight glasses combine the security of failsafe fused glass with the excellent characteristic of a glass surface.
Advantages of Glass Lining: 
- The product will only come into contact with polished glass 
- Highly resistant to corrosive processes 
- Insert surface so cannot adversely affect product purity 
- No catalyst effect and no infection 
- Resists build up of sticky products which gives: 
- Better heat transfer & higher productivity
- Leaktight with very high pressure resistance 
- High safety factor 
- Shatterproof with reliability against total failure. The possibility of unexpected rupture is excluded. 
- High resistance to bending and overtightening offers simple, fast installation with no risk of breakage. 
- Remains leak tight even when glass is damaged.
Technical data: 
- Sight glass fused to metal similar to DIN 7079
Ring material: 
- P265 GH (1.0425)EN 10028-2 
- Sight Glass: B270 
- Enamel DD 3009 blue or white
- Operating Temperature: -60℃ to 250℃

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