• Type 275
  • Containment System
  • Introduction of Micronizer®
  • Lumiglas Sight Glass Disc, Circular DIN 7080
  • High performance for a range of viscosities –
  • Module System Range 970

Glass Lined Sightglasses  Type 275

- Glass lined vessels&nb...

Since 1947, ILC has been active in the design and development of products for both government and industry. Most ILC products are comprised of softgoods materials — products that are flexible by nature and result in innovative solutions to c...

Sturtevant has been perfecting particle size for over 130 years with thousands of installations in over 100 countries.  The Sturtevant Micronizer® featuring a USDA accepted design enhances active ingredientsperformance by reducing pharmaceutical powders to a narrow, ...

• For pressure duties at temperatures up to 280°C. No lower temperature limit
• Toughened borosilicate glass
• Ground and polished
• Optional extras possible, e. g. coating
Spray pattern: circular full-cone
Spray angle: 20° – 40° (also adjustable through shaft position)
Droplet size: 20 – 200 µm
Orifices: 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 6.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 mm customized bore sizes on request
Capacity: 0.3 – 40 l/min
Atomising air pressure:&...
THE ultimate nozzle specially for the lab,precision to the last detail
Spray pattern:          circular full-cone (standard air cap)