Since 1947, ILC has been active in the design and development of products for both government and industry. Most ILC products are comprised of softgoods materials — products that are flexible by nature and result in innovative solutions to customer problems.
Nested in the middle of Delaware's Kent County, we occupy 260,000 square feet of office, development and manufacturing space. Our facility consists of six buildings on 39 acres of land — wholly owned by ILC.
Whether protecting personnel in hostile environments, containing potent powder pharmaceuticals, or developing unique inflatable devices, ILC's record of performance is enviable. By drawing from a blend of highly qualified personnel and a sound base of both proven and innovative technologies (the same attributes that helped us put man on the moon and rovers on Mars), ILC Dover continues to develop reliable hardware and unique softgoods.
Our Department of Defense, commercial, and NASA customers rely heavily on ILC's multi-disciplined technical expertise to provide inventive solutions for a wide range of applications.
♦ Man landed on the moon — we created the spacesuit.
♦ Researchers develop wonder drugs — we aid in safe production.
♦ Rovers explore Mars — we help them land safely.